Belgian Telco Belgacom Was Hacked

System Failure

Belgacom security/systems were not only hacked into but they also fell prey to a virus attack.  The malware was so complex, that they think an intelligence agency was probably to blame.

Belgacom is the largest telco company in Belgium.  Headquartered in Brussels, Belgacom Group is primarily state owned with the Belgian state holding 53.3% + 1 share.  Their offerings include fixed line communication through the Belgacom brand, mobile communications through the Proximus brand, and ICT services to the professional market under the Telindus brand.

These attacks were uncovered in June of this year, and the third party intruders have yet to be identified.  They penetrated the systems and inserted a virus which reached at least 30 servers and workstations.  Belgacom officials were very adamant  that the only systems compromised where internal IT systems and this did not affect the telecom’s customers’ network/services.

Later it was learned, the perpetrators hacked into over two years of international phone traffic.  Fingers are currently being pointed at two agencies, the United States’ NSA, and Britain’s GCHQ.  At this point we don’t know exactly what they were looking for.  There has been speculation around traffic from such countries as Syria and Yemen, but at the moment it is still an unknown.

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