Computer-Password-Security-HackerSpamhaus, a Dutch anti-spam group, was attacked in what was called the “biggest cyber-attack ever.”  One so powerful, it reportedly slowed down sections of the internet in Europe.

A London teen has been arrested by British police (in April) on suspicion of involvement in the attack. The unknown teen was arrested at the same time as the main suspect Sven Olaf Kamphuis.

The unknown teen was found sitting in front of his computer and still logged into various systems and forums.  It was also reported he a had significant amount of money flowing through his bank account.

The attacker used what is known as DDoS attacks.  His motive continues to be a mystery at this time.

The 16-year old is currently out on bail.

DDoS attacks are a distributed denial-of-service attack and it is an attempt to bog down resources on the target systems making them temporarily unreachable by general traffic.
















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