Is Iran Hacking U.S. Navy Computers?

Iranian Hackers

Is Iran hacking U.S. Navy Computers?  According to a report last Friday, they already have.  “Iran has penetrated an unclassified U.S. Navy network.  We do not believe that they were able to get their hands on any important data, but these serious attacks have shown us a new level of Iranian hacking intelligence, said U.S. officials.  These attacks were perpetrated by one of two groups.  They were either agents working for the Iranian government or they were an outside group that had Iran’s approval.”

The timing of the attacks proved to be interesting.  The attacks were launched right as U.S. and Iranian officials were trying to restart negotiations over Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Iranian President Hasan Rouhani was speaking to U.S. President Barack Obama via phone conversation on Friday.

However, the U.S. is no stranger to cyber-warfare itself.  Edward Snowden had leaked documents showing the U.S. engaged in 231 cyber attacks on foreign targets in 2011.

Several experts in cyber-security have pointed out that China and Russia currently have way more sophisticated hacking techniques than Iran or North Korea.  That is good information; the only problem is,  the simple fact that the smaller countries still pose the more volatile threat due to their motives.

An attacker motivated by money is far less threatening than one who is fueled by hatred, or vengeance.


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